Neil Wise

A Song-Writer’s Lament


 The magical or inspirational part of the writing is the “song seed” or the idea that pops in your head & you go hmmm that could be a song.  It might be a phrase, a title, a tune, a comment, but different things to different writers can stimulate that process.


Melbourne may not be NYC, but Canberra is certainly not Washington DC!


The Bill Clinton Memorial laundry service in Downtown DC is apparently going very well!   

Specialising in stained little black dresses!


Hot Town Summer in NYC (back of my neck getting dirty and gritty)


Yeah I know it’s not original but it’s pretty true. They have had a heat wave on the East Coast of the US and most of it is still in the subway. Man they know how to do hot & sweaty here!  Need some Kool Kats


Vancouver – The Land of Loonies & Toonies


The venue was a El Barrio was Mexican / Latin with cheap eats and really nice staff. A Cultural group had a dinner to be followed at 8.30 by the open mic. Dinner great, 8.30 came and went, meeting still going and no-show for the host. The head waitress chased up and found he was not coming so we chalked up another part-of-the-adventure chapter!


Sleepless in Seattle! A truism not to be understated....


Anticipation of a visit we had not put a lot of time and thought to, Seattle was to fill the connecting days between San Francisco & Vancouver. Hoping the pre-Russell Crowe version of Meg Ryan had flown west from NY was around whilst Ann secretly hoping Dr McDreamy was on a break from Seattle Grace.


Il Dolce far Niente


The instructions were simple, a slow song, followed by a fast song then play whatever you want!   So I dually rolled out Lost in the Blue Horizon, with harmonica wailing & Oxito lit up his flaming sticks & juggled & walked his way across the hand rail of the bridge between the 2 street restaurants.


From Santa Paula USA to Siena Italy – the Tale of Two Brothers


The interesting twist for me came the following year when after finishing the recording we continued on around the world & in a city in Tuscany called Siena we were regaled with the story of R & R & the She-Wolf symbol of the sister cities of Rome & Siena.  The song seemed to somehow have connected up with our travels & I felt an very awesome connection to both.    Anyway the final result is very powerful & certainly conveys my intention.  I hope you enjoy it!


Across the Frisco Bay we found (Part 2)


Long time no speak but the world at large can be a little overwhelmingly demanding & can lead to bad habits & evil ways.  But enough of my good qualities back to the story.


First review "Songs from the Edge of Middle Road"


Neil Wise's music is unique, and he has shared his stories in such an intimate way that makes it feel as if he has given listeners a taste of his own private experiences.

Artist: Neil Wise
Album: Songs From the Edge of Middle Road
Review by Alec Cunningham - Review You
Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)


Across the Frisco Bay we found…… (Part 1)


Hotel Cornell de France on Bush St (not George W) & next door was offering to “touch our junk” (I am still not sure what it means? Still waiting!)


Back to the Pacific - to be specific - Monterey, Santa Cruz


We took the 17 mile drive around Pebble Beach, Spanish Bay, Spyglass & The Lone Cypress all pretty special but those wretched squirrels have followed us back and still haunting my sleep!


Smarter than the average bear Yosemite but where's Boo Boo??


Like Burke & Wills (Aussie Explorers) we scratched our initials in the tree and headed back out across the California Valley. Four lanes of runways with truck convoys that seem to last as long as the hills & having to drive at 80mph (120km/hr?) just to avoid getting stuck in the slow lane is a fairly tough gig of concentration over a 7 hour period. The co-pilot got the hang of keeping up the CD changing just to keep us flying in the right mood.


The towns where time stands still!


Is a great title for a song i have started but will work on at a later time but is very apt for Santa Paula which is a Mexican dominated town North of LA where we have been based for a few days. The home for many movie stars in the past including Steve McQueen & the set for many old movies as well.


Viva Las Vegas - No wonder the King is dead!


Man oh man! A strange kind of magic draws everyone here but you soon work out that it is not a comfortable fit for most normal people. Hot as hell, dry as a bone and like 50 Melbourne Crown Casinos all next to each other and all 10 times as opulent! Half the wonders of the world reconstructed just to save people from travelling outside the USA to gain some culture (hee hee!) Pure decadence but someone must like it.


World Trip Highlights - Part 1 (of many) LA Baby


2012 was a giant year & included the recording of the final tracks of my album (soon to be available in 2013) & a 3 month round the world trip!  I have decided over the next few blogs to share some of the highlights of an amazing trip  I hope you enjoy our trials and tribulations of 9 countries across 13 weeks.


The making of Politicians Video - Final part


Wow! 10,000 views around the WWW in 4 weeks i am astounded & amazed.  Thank you to all who shared and watched & please continue to do so it is much appreciated, The final instalment of the making of the Politicians blog is now up so please enjoy & thanks again to Stepping Stones Pictures & all involved xxxx


The making of Politicians Video - part 2


The Making of Politicians (Part 2)

The constant bombardment of our world by images & clips in the news & variety shows, on our mobiles or as we pump petrol or use the loo / WC / toilet never stops, but how it is created is another story in itself! Read on....


The making of Politicians Video - part 1


The genesis of a great music video in my opinion has to be the song behind the video. If you close your eyes what images does the music & lyric bring to your mind?