Neil Wise

Smarter than the average bear Yosemite but where's Boo Boo??

A couple of pit-stops in Bakersfield & Fresno make you realise why they build casinos out here cos there ain't much else here to do.  Said goodbye to Fresno and headed out into the desert with some scrubby mountains in the distance & as we passed through the last one horse town saw our 1st speed camera! Thankfully the GPS & cruise control were in sync and we barreled on. Got to our destination Hwy 140 but were still in the wilderness & no sign of Yosemite so just kept driving. There was however a constant stream of cars & buses coming out so we thought we were heading in the right direction. Finally found another town & entered our motel in the Point of Interest finder and it popped up. Another 1/2 hour away!  Finally checked in after 8 & rolled into the bistro for a re-hydration or 2 - a little worried about the flies in the side salad server but made sure the Margaritas had real Tequila to kill any germs. They had already turned the AC up full and some restful sleep & relief from the heat was anticipated.

The next morning we drove down to the park and we absolutely blown away the further in we drove. It is massive! Makes the Grampians look like a garden rockery & Milford Sound only gets a look because it has a lot more water all the time & people! They are everywhere in tents and cabins and RV's. We finally got our bearings & over the next 6 or so hours had a great time walking & shuttle bus around. You could also ride bikes or paddle around or just lie on the beaches around the lakes and river. It would be easy to spend a week or 10 days just getting seriously back to nature. Now for any of you considering visiting Yosemite let me hereby warn you that there is a danger far beyond Sharks, Redbacks, Grizzly Bears & Rattlesnakes. Just don't even consider eating any nuts in the park without the threat of vicious flesh eating squirrels attacking your nuts! Mate they are relentless! Just look at the photographic proof - absolute animals.    Enjoy the pics & see you next update N & A