Neil Wise

The towns where time stands still!

The weather in Santa Paula is much milder than Vegas or anywhere else inland and around 75 degrees most of the time with a sea breeze up the Simi Valley.  Go inland for 15 minutes and another 100 degree day awaits.  The prime reason for staying in Santa Paula is to finish some recording (& all went really smoothly and the results will be made more public soon) but it is nice to chill in a 100 year old tavern and eat Mexican food the way they intended it. We still managed some short trips to Ventura on the coast (about 15 minutes via the 126 & the 101 - US lingo for the freeways!) & some beautiful scenic driving and views.  The Crowne Plaza in Venture was the location for Little Miss Sunshine pagaent with Toni Collette.

We also went up to Ojai where apparently JR or Tony Nelson (Larry Hagman depending on your vintage) lives happily with a sulphur smell similar to Rotarura) but a nice building code where everything is that Spanish sandstone look - pretty exclusive & hot damn hot!  They have a tennis tournament which attracts about 30000 spectators and has been won by all the legends Agassi & BJ King.  We had a light salad lunch about the size of a pasta plate 6 people but amazingly not overfilling (will wait until we can't dress anymore in our current clothes).

 Ann got really brave and rode the AMTRAK train up to Santa Barbara by herself, which is also on the coast and spent the day schmoozing with the beautiful and some not so.  She caught the local tram and took in as movie and a few rays whilst Todd & I finished off a session.  We then drove up & had a nice wrap it up dinner with a window seat on the Santa Barbara waterfront! Beautiful.

 Off to Yosemite next for a dose of big nature! See ya xoxox