Neil Wise

Viva Las Vegas - No wonder the King is dead!

We did however somehow score 1st class seats on the jet to LV so felt a bit of luxury. Even as you walk off the plane there are slot machine in front of you and all along the collection corridor to your bags.  Treasure Island (or TI as we temporary Las Vegans can now call it! ) had very nice rooms and a few freebies thrown at you, but once you were out in it was all about just trying to fight your way through the Independence Day Crowds.  People, prams and "ladies to your door in 20 minutes" card pushers! Even had mothers, grandmas & children working together but to my wife's disappointment no boys were offered so she had to make do with the old bloke!

The Beatles "Love" Cirque de Soleil show was sublime, my Disneyland! Tears welled up a more than few times but could just close my eyes and listen over and over. Worth the trip just for the show. Had a dinner and live show at BB Kings Blues bar with a live soul band to boot. Sublime musos too!

Tried to get to bed early for Grand Canyon trip the next day but the TI live show had its 4th showing at 11.30 and the cannons blast was about 6.5 on the Richter scale and added another bang to the evening! Alarm went off early and by 6.20 AM it was 80 degrees & rising and we were picked up and shuttled out to Henderson Airport for a flight to Arizona. Then a bus ride to Mathers point for our 1st view of the canyon. Spectacular beyond belief, amazing depth of colour with all the layers representing millions of years of the worlds history. Then we followed up with a 45 minute helicopter ride over the canyon and some even more spectacular way of taking in some great views. Even had my 1st encounter with a (the fearsome demon) squirrel.  It was not hard to drop off to sleep that night although was a little edgy with the thought of finally having to test my driving skills on the other side of the road. Kept turning on the wipers but soon got into the swing of the 5 & 1/2 hour drive to Santa Paula CA. Hit a bit of a traffic jam just east of LA but kept making the right turns and arrived at my producer sometime after 4pm quite relieved. After a cuppa and a bit of a yack we headed off to Ventura for the night at Bella Maggiore a really sweet little hotel, just around the corner from the Crowne Plaza ( from Little Miss Sunshine movie).

We are now settled into the Glen Tavern in Santa Paula the 100 yo inn where Harry Houdini & Steve McQueen frequented! A haunting experience but a really nice 2 room suite awaited & a good day in studio so will sleep well tonight. The tans are coming along pretty well but will have find a private courtyard to work on the tan lines!!/media/set/?set=a.374573205963275.91664.359866040767325&type=3

Talk soon - The Wizzies