Neil Wise

World Trip Highlights - Part 1 (of many) LA Baby

Well folks,

Day 1: We (my wife & I) arrived in LA mid-morning & survived the flight i.e the food was pretty good, didn't have to use my evil eye on any children. (might have the been the sound cancelling headphones) LA Airport a bit dated and not super well organised for long lines, but once through bumbled our way to the hotel via bus, train & cab! (where is John Candy when we were doing "The Mess Around" ?) & find the Hollywood Hotel is actually good & they find us a room on arrival about 2 hours early. Wander down Vermont Avenue to the 'Ol 50's Diner for a burger & some sweet potato fries looking for Fonzie & Ritchie but just get Big Al's nephews (Que paso?) then hit the sack to wipe off a few hours of jet lag. Wandered downtown for dinner and a bit wary of the locals sleeping here and there on the footpaths, but all settling in for the night so not really interested in us.

Day 2:   Worked out the Metro & found our way down to Hollywood Bvd to pick-up our Hop on Hop off tour bus tix. Found a few of the locals working the street with Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack popular but a bit pushy for money for photos & the cool dudes shouting "Where you from" shoving CD's at you. Worked our way round the red route with the Hollywood highlights, then switched over to the Beverly Hills, Santa Monica & Venice Beach. Actually cracked it for a real coffee in Main Street on our 1st attempt & then walked along Venice Beach looking for Miss Ellie (Beverly Hillbilly's fans) but only found lots of Jethros! (one was already cuffed!) all the way to Santa Monica pier. A bit like going from Fitzroy Street to Brighton in Melbourne in one go! Drove back along Rodeo Drive & kept my wallet zipped tight (and my hands in my pockets Winona!) Pretty footsore & weary had local dinner at a Wabu store & for about $17 a big meal covered us & the drinks. Weren't game to try the $3.19 Californian Chardonnay but the $7 was very quaffable (Hic!) & you can actually buy grog (medicine) at the Chemists (Drug store)

Day 3: This time we did the Purple Route which was downtown LA ( inc Korea Town, China Town, Little Tokyo) but didn't find Koala Blue mentioned anywhere! Plenty of the not so lucky with their mobile homes getting around the main drags too but again just living in LA. After an hour waiting around for the Blue Tour, getting waxy looks from a Michael Jackson look-a-like at Madame Tassaud's for not taking his photo, finally headed out to Universal Studios for a giddy gander. Took our chances for dinner at a recommendation from the hotel guide called The Kitchen, which promised real American food & was a really cool place with a good vibe, Some Chilean red wine & Bruschette Caponata were great and the rest of meal was cool. We then sat around in cool hotel courtyard with a bottle of wine, playing a few tunes to some German family & listening to the pre- July 4 fireworks from the rooftops cracking around. Heading off to Las Vegas next for a bit warmer than the coast weather methinks, but still expecting a few crazy varmints Yosemite Sam!! Talk soon. Love to all N & A xoxo